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Lexcent 3D Printing


Our Printing Service

DSM 8000 (Regular Part)
DSM 128 (Functional Testing Part)
DSM 10122 Translucent Part
DSM 10122 Transparent Part


There are 3 materials available in our SLA printing service, DSM 8000, DSM 128, DSM 10122,

click here to download the datasheet

Normal delivery time:

White and translucent part: 1-2 days

Transparent part:2-3 days

Maximum printable size:
600mm * 600mm * 400mm
Quotation calculation method:
Cost = price * 1.3 * valume (cubic centimetre)
SLA printer:0.1mm, Printed part:<0.15mm with polishing
Available painting service:
Matt surface, Glossy surface, Rubber touch surface, Electroplating
Required 3D file format:



Our CNC Service


We have 13 CNC machines for sample making, machinable materials include titanium alloys, aluminium alloys and plastics(ABS\PC\PP\Delrin POM etc)


CNC Plastic
CNC Aluminum


Our Factory

Address: 3F, No.1119,Guanguang Road,Longhua,Shenzhen,China.